71 Countries

Numbers, somehow has an impact on people.
Like facts and photos.

18% of this world has never traveled.
Most of them can’t, not the right passport, not the financial means or they are still a child or they are old or not in the ability to travel.

So far I have visited 71 countries in this world.
Apparently I belong to the 2% of people who has travelled more than 31 countries.
140 million people in this world has travelled to more than 31 countries.

Until the summer of 2014 I only traveled to 9 countries, knowing that Belgium has 4 neighboring countries, so besides those, I only managed to visit 4 other countries. The road trip to East Europe in the summer of 2014, it unleashed something in me.

Until the summer of 2015 I only flew 2 times, to Barcelona and back with Veuling and I never left Europe before. My first passport is issued on March 2015.

For those who has the chance or the opportunity to travel, the only thing I can give as advice, book that flight and just go. Life is emotion in motion.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic I had the very ambitious plan to finish 100 countries by the end of the expiration of my 1st passport. I had flights in May and June 2020 to go to Australia, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands and I was planning to do a lot of other trips in that year as well.

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